Drinking While On The Paleo Diet With Robb Wolf

Drinking While On The Paleo Diet

This is probably the one topic that most piques the interest of people who want to know more about the Paleo lifestyle…

Can ya drink alcohol on the Paleo diet?

Yeah sure, just try to stay away from grain-based spirits.

Some vodkas are made with grapes or even potatoes. [“Vodkas made of Coconut, Fruits, Grapes, Honey, Horseradish and Potato are far more Paleo diet friendly choices…”]

Tequila is made from the agave plant.

Non-grain gins are available but they are pricier than those made from grains.

Mead is made with honey, and wine is made from grapes.

Choose those alcohol beverages and life can continue on as always, but drink in moderation of course. Anything in excess can be a bad thing.

Heck, maybe you’ve got a great bloody mary recipe you wanna hold onto. Roll with it…

Where do you stand with adult beverages and how they fit in with the caveman diet? Leave your comments below…

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